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Plastic bottle cap why choose pad printing?

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There are two types of bottle caps that can be seen everyday: one is insert type, and the other is circular rotating type. The plug-in bottle cap generally needs no repeated installation, and the shape is complex. It mainly completes some functional actions, such as spraying. At present, it is mainly used in some plastic bottles such as shower gel, hair care product and insecticide. The circular rotary bottle cap is relatively common and has a wide range of use. This kind of cap in addition to the protection of bottle products, influence from the environment, but also play some important information transfer function (such as tailored products such as plastic bottle), tea drinks, unified group pautler packaging.
Therefore, the decoration of the bottle cap should not be underestimated. This article discusses printing a character or a trademark on the surface of a revolving bottle cap.
Pad printing is the preferred printing method for plastic bottle caps
When the customer receives the order about the bottle top printing, the first thought is the pad printing process. The printing process is a unique printing method developed with the screen printing process, similar to the rubber stamp in our daily life. Pad printing using a printing plate and substrate relative independent position, regardless of the shape of the substrate, how strange, it can accomplish the task well. This makes "universal printing" screen printing is difficult to complete a lot of tasks, the final choice of pad printing process.
The plastic bottle cap is printed by pad printing process, and has some advantages that other printing techniques can not do
(1) it is convenient to change varieties and easy to make.
(2) less investment. Compared with other printing equipment, pad printing equipment has the least investment.
(3) adaptability. The shape of the pad head can be changed at will, which makes the adaptability of the pad printing technology to the shape of the substrate greatly enhanced, and is suitable for the printing of the bottle cap with different appearance and size. According to our survey, about 80% of the bottle cap, its diameter will not be greater than 40mm. That is to say, a new thinking pad machine, which covers an area of 100mm * 100mm, will be able to print about 80% of the caps.
Plastic bottle cap printing elements
1. ink
In the plastic bottle cap printing, the choice of ink is essential. Caps are basically PP and PE materials, the choice of ink and printing materials must match the type. When choosing ink, you should pay attention to the following two points.
(1) some inks have been added with hardener to improve the adhesion effect, but the operation is difficult. Therefore, unless the customer has special requirements, it is better not to use this method.
(2) it is better to use pad printing ink instead of screen printing ink. Screen printing ink flow better, and pad printing ink has better glial; screen printing ink drying speed is relatively slow, pad printing ink drying speed is faster.
Although solvent based screen printing ink can be used for pad printing, but its effect is not as good as the special pad printing ink. If you need to use UV ink, you should not use screen printing UV ink, because screen printing UV ink transfer is too poor. If you must use UV ink, which should be added a certain amount of gelling agent.
2. rubber head
At present, the choice of rubber head is not paid attention to in our country, but the selection of rubber head should be very strict in pad printing. In the bottle cap printing, the circular rubber head is widely used. When choosing a rubber head, you should pay attention to the following two points.
(1) in the process of halftone image printing, the hardness and shape of the glue head of the yellow, magenta and cyan should be exactly the same, and the hardness of the glue used in the black can be slightly larger.
(2) choose a good adhesive head, which uses the essence of partial offset printing blanket, which can improve the printing quality of PP and PE surface.
3. plate
For emphasis on the quality of pad printing manufacturers, the use of resin gravure is a wise choice. This kind of printing plate is made of Nylon high polymer without corrosion process, which is good for quality control. At present, resin gravure printing ink machine used in Europe and America is more common.
4. cost
The footprint of the bottle cap is very small, so some people don't worry about its cost. However, as market competition intensifies, we should also pay attention to reducing costs. That's why many manufacturers use pad printing instead of flexo printing at the top of the bottle.
At present, the cheapest monochrome pad machine price of about 10 thousand yuan, including the steel plate, clamp and rubber head. With such a configuration, the cost of monochrome printing of the bottle cap is generally no higher than 1 cents. If you use full automatic pad printing system, the cost is cheaper.

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