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History and process technology of screen printing

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Screen printing belongs to orifice plate printing. It is called four printing methods together with flat, convex and gravure printing. Hole printing includes transcription, mesh flower version, stencil printing and screen printing etc.. Printing the principle is: (a version of the base paper or other version of the film version of the ink can be made through holes) at the time of printing, through a certain pressure so that the ink to the substrate through the hole hole Edition (transfer paper, ceramics etc.) on the formation of images or text.
Stencil stencil printing is the most simple, began in the late nineteenth Century. This is printed in a special Lazhi, made Lazhi graphical version by a typewriter or stylus, in the paper edition with roll printing ink, substrate can get ideal printing effect. In the hole printing, the most widely used is screen printing, silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or metal wire mesh on the net frame, using manual lacquer film or photochemical plate making method to make screen printing plate.
Modern screen printing technology is making screen by photoengraving method using photosensitive material (screen hole in the screen for the hole hole, and part of the screen rather than the graphic part of the blocked) oil paintings, prints, posters, name card, binding covers, packaging, commodity, textile printing and dyeing, glass and metal plane carrier.
Direct process
Methods: the plate is in the first plate will be coated with a photosensitive material film photosensitive film on wrist facing flat on the table, the wrist stretched net frame flat on the substrate, then the net frame is placed in the photographic and soft scraper pressure coating, after drying off after the full plastic a film attached to the photosensitive film wrist screen can be used to print, by developing, dried out screen.
Process: Stretching - fat - drying - stripping film - exposure - developing - drying - Revised Edition - block
Indirect plate making
Methods: the plate is the first indirect film exposure, H2O2 1.2% hardened with warm water after enhancement, dry made after stripping film seihan graphics, graphic film film surface and good screen stretched tightly, through the squeeze film and wet screen paste, off base, with the wind dry screen printing screen.
Technological process:
1) stretched Net - degreasing - drying
2) indirect film - exposure - hardening - Development
1and2 - fit - dry - Revised Edition - block
3) straight mixing plate making method
The photosensitive glue layer of water and alcohol or photosensitive adhesive in the wire mesh frame, after hot air drying, removing the photosensitive film substrate, and then print the developing process, after that is made of silk screen printing.
Screen printing originated in China, which has a history of more than two thousand years. In the early Chinese ancient Qin and Han Dynasties appeared clip Jie printing method. In the Eastern Han Dynasty antagonistic wax printing methods have been popular, but also improves the level of printed products. To the Sui Dynasty to the great, people started putting up a screen frame printing, make the clip Jie printing technology development for screen printing. According to historical records, the Tang Dynasty palace in the exquisite costumes is useful this method to print. To the Song Dynasty screen printing and the development and improvement of the original use oily coating, began to join in the dye of starch powder, make it a slurry for screen printing, screen printing the color of the product more beautiful.
Screen printing is one of the great inventions in china. The United States "screen printing" magazine had such comments on Chinese screen printing technology: "there is evidence that Chinese used two thousand years ago and template mane. The costumes of the early Ming Dynasty proved their competitive spirit and processing skills." The invention of screen printing promoted the development of human material civilization in the world. Today, two thousand years later, screen printing technology has been developed and perfected, and has become an integral part of human life.
Screen printing has many advantages, such as large batch, cheap price, bright color, long storage period, fast delivery and so on. It has been recognized by more and more industries and has been widely used. In the circuit board of household appliances, textile patterns, T-shirt, shoes design, refrigerator, washing machine, TV panel text, ceramics, glass, tiles and decoration; various kinds of commercial advertisements like appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, the flow of advertising platform in the packaging industry; net printing high-grade packaging boxes, bottles, cigarette, wine package, especially the large packaging and product appearance decoration - screen printing is unusually extensive, closely linked with our life, its technology mainly by many printing control and screen printing technology small personalized imparted in the domestic market scanty. Very broad!
Since 1980s, China has accelerated the research and development of screen printing materials, equipment and technology, making silk screen printing an advantage in the competition of flexo printing, offset printing and gravure printing. At an annual rate of 7%. More than 70% wide format color screen printing uses spot color printing, nearly 30% uses four-color printing, and the proportion of four-color printing is still steadily increasing. Industry survey shows that 70% of enterprises annual output value of about 1 million yuan. However, the output value of screen printing in China accounts for less than 2% of the total printing output value, and there is still great potential to be tapped.
Survey shows that the annual amount of screen printing ink for more than 20 thousand tons, of which about 54% for imported products; net annual consumption of about 10 million square meters,

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