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Projective capacitive main technology

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Projective capacitive touch technology will be the mainstream of mobile phone market. The touch panel needs rapid growth, making the touch industry market size growing, yuan investment adviser pointed out that the projected capacitive mobile phone will become the mainstream market, the long-term trend of existing leading manufacturers of capacity expansion and profitability improvement are optimistic about.
The touch panel device is attached on the liquid crystal display, use finger or stylus pressure display panel for intuitive man-machine interface, the application covers mobile phone, e-books, computer, DSC, GPS, dictionary of atms. Touch panel size according to the distinction, the main technology used for more than 12 inches, using surface acoustic wave, surface capacitive or optical; 12 inches below, with projected capacitive (film, glass), resistance type.
Yuan investment adviser recently to "touch industry - projected capacitive demand" as issued by industry research report. Apple pointed out that using projection type glass capacitor brings smooth touch, this prediction, next year iPhone sales were 40 million and 50 million; iPad was 12 million 900 thousand units, 36 million 500 thousand units, and will drive the various manufacturers to improve the proportion of projected capacitive, estimated 2010 projected capacitive in mobile phone penetration rate of 38%, 2011 increased to 60%; the tablet computer (10.1 there are 90% inches below) will be using projection type capacitor. 500 million yuan investment to support mobile phone (mobile phone touch capacitor 190 million) and 50 million tablet computer as the main growth momentum, estimated 2011 projected capacitive output value will reach $8 billion 700 million, the annual increase of 43%.
The main technique of projective capacitor is film type and glass type. Although glass capacitor having excellent optical properties, but the film capacitor of low cost 15%~50%, the thickness is thin, different brands based on product differentiation considerations have different preferences, yuan investment adviser believes that the 2011 glass film capacitor value and annual growth rate will be respectively 136% and 331% (the Apple mobile phone +iPad accounted for the proportion of glass capacitor value as high as 70%).
Capacitive touch sensor glass process and color filter process similar to that with sputtering, coating, etching, cutting process, demand in the touch industry optimistic, predictably, the color filter manufacturers will transition to the touch panel module manufacturers. But the yuan investment adviser believes that originally had 3.5 generation factory of CF manufacturers, to touch module more potential competitiveness, and touch module plant profit focus fit yield, new entrants to the learning curve of 1~1.5 years, is expected before the second half of 2011 to the 2012 industry competition will intensify, then, glass capacitance huge demand will only benefit from the source Apple supply chain.
As for the thin film capacitor, its equipment and equipment resistance in common, so the film capacitor needs to be dominated by the original beneficiary resistance of supply chain, such as Chinese, interface are competitors, Japanese and Korean manufacturers.

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